7/19, Do You Know This Hawk?

Late Saturday afternoon, Ranger Rob from the Parks Department rescued a juvenile red-tailed hawk near the tennis courts in Central Park at about 96th St. Word is that was thin and weak, but no word as to whether it was because of disease or simply hunger.

(Photo by Jean Shum)

Because the nest at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine is one of the closest nests to the location, and because no one I know has definitely seen both of the healthy cathedral juvies in over a week, initial suspicion was that was a cathedral bird.

But comparison of this photo and others of the rescuee to those of the young red-tails at the cathedral has suggested it is not from the cathedral. You'll note that the bird shown here has a "dog collar" of dark feathers around his neck. Of the two healthy kids at the cathedral, one may have a wispy, barely noticeable such collar and the other no collar at all.

So where did this juvenile hawk come from?

The Riverside nest may be closer to where this hawk was found, but the single juvenile there was seen in Riverside around the 83rd St playground late in the week. And no one has said anything about the trio from Palemale's nest by Central Park wandering north.

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7/18, St. John the Divine

A very fine Friday evening found two red-tailed hawks in view in the cathedral area, an adult and a juvenile.

Norman, the adult male, was hanging out atop St. Luke's hospital, perched on his favorite chimney screen.

Cathedral Hawk - 4232

And in the close on the south side of the cathedral, one of Norman's kids was on the prowl. Initially he was lurking in the treetops above the pulpit lawn, but I spotted him as he came flying out, first perching in a tree by the Cathedral House, and then heading over to the roof of the Deanery.



Although he settled and looked around for a minute or so.


Before taking off the to the east and past the Cathedral School. Whether he headed into Morningside Park or circled back around, I wasn't able to find him again.

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7/16, St. John the Divine

Early Wednesday evening found just one juvie red-tailed hawk on the south side of the cathedral grounds. Much thanks to the whining squirrel for pinpointing his location, with an assist to the mockingbird that was trying to chase him off.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk - 4132

The hawk was lurking in one of the trees in the pulpit lawn. Possibly I'd missed some fun, as I'd been told there had been a ruckus not long before.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk - 4141

But after the squirrel and the mocking bird shut up, it was quiet when closing time arrived.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk - 4155

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7/10, St. John the Divine

Unless there was a meal delivery that I missed, it appears that one of the young red-tailed hawks at the cathedral has begun to successfully hunt.

A line of pigeons along the roof of the Cathedral School suggested a hawk was in the area, and indeed, I found one in the big tree by the Deanery. He was flapping around as he tried to maintain his perch. It turned out one foot was clenching a pigeon.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk & Prey - 3910

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk & Prey - 3912

And making some effort to pluck the prey.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk & Prey - 3918

More stable footing being required, why not try the roof of the Cathedral School.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk & Prey - 3922

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk - 3930

Where, oddly enough, the rest of the pigeons were not in a hurry to exit.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk - 3932

Rotate around to see if he can get a better position.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk - 3953

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk - 3960

Rotate some more.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk - 3961

And finally time to dig in.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk & Prey - 3962

Dinner lasted perhaps 15 minutes, after which the young hawk remained in place, watching whatever flew over and checking out the rest of the pigeons, perhaps sizing someone up for tomorrow's breakfast.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk - 4001

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7/9, St. John the Divine

Both of the healthy young red-tailed hawks at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine were on view Wednesday evening, one down low and one up high.

The first was busy preening in a tree near the Peace Fountain Garden.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk - 3835

Only occasional robin alarms or squirrel noises, so who knows what might have occasionally perturbed him.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk - 3837

Back to preening that one spot.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk - 3840

Yes, that spot.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk - 3841

Another hawk came flying by, high up and heading east along 110th St. Presumably that was the other juvenile, whom I shortly discovered perched atop 1MSD.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk - 3863

Meanwhile, the first hawk has disappeared from view, although alarums eventually revealed him perched in a very dark spot in a tree by the Cathedral House. Soon enough he popped out of there and flew over into a tree in the middle of the pulpit lawn.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk - 3875

At this point it looked like he was thinking about hunting, or at least intently curious as to the squirrels and small birds in the area.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk - 3889

As time came for cathedral staff to close the gates, there was a last bit of activity. A couple swoops across the lawn and a dive at something on the ground. Final sighting was of one of the hawks flying between the Synod and Diocesan houses and across 110th St. to the apartments to the south.

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