January 20, 2008

1/20, Brrrrrr

Palemale and Lola at the Beresford

On a quick jaunt into Central Park on a late afternoon on a frigid day, I though I'd try to get a glimpse of one of the owl pairs about. I couldn't find the long-eared owls near the Great Lawn, but while in that area spotted a red-tail soaring about to the south. A moment later again a red-tail soaring, this time heading straight for the Beresford. At 4:36 I took a couple pix of the tower showing either Palemale or Lola. Why either? Because four minutes later both of them were up there, as shown in the pic above. I didn't catch the second arrival.

Headed back to the north end of the park to see if I might see the eastern screech owls at fly out. No owl luck there either. One dedicated birdwatcher was already there and seemed very concerned that she hadn't seen them. Around 5:20 she though might have heard one of them calling, but with my hearing I didn't catch the sound.

Exit the park and head to family dinner. Hmmm, lasagne followed by pumpkin pie and watching the Giants win the NFC championship game. Definitely a fine night.