July 22, 2016

St. John's Miscellany

Hawk sightings at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine have been hit-and-miss over the past month. It has again been three weeks since I have seen any of this year's kids in the area, so it would seem that if the remaining two have not got into trouble, they are no longer around. I have wondered if they migrated to the north end of Central Park, where I am less likely to visit.

In any event, following are a handful of photos from the past four weeks...

First, sightings of a fledgling perched atop the archangel Gabriel on Monday, June 27.

Gabriel & Fledge - 0304
Gabriel & Fledge - 0324

And two days later, a fledgling perched on the Avalon apartments at 110th and MSD, overlooking the cathedral grounds and preening.

Cathedral Fledgling - 0339
Cathedral Fledgling - 0345
Cathedral Fledgling, Preening - 0356

That was the last definite sighting I made of one of the fledglings. Occasional sightings of adult hawks have occurred since then.

For example, one of the parents atop their favorite chimney/vent cover at St. Luke's hospital on Friday, July 8.

Cathedral Hawk - 0381

And again atop the hospital on Wednesday, July 13. This time I think it was the father, Norman.

Cathedral Hawk - 0398