January 17, 2012

1/16, First Hawk of the Year

Not much to speak of, but here's the first hawk photo that I took in 2012.

First Hawk Pic of the Year

As some of you may recognize, this is the chimney atop the Cardinal Cooke medical building, across Fifth Ave. from Central Park's Conservatory Garden. The chimney has been a favorite perch for the hawks at the north end of Central Park for years. In late afternoon it seems to be a good spot for checking out what the pigeons are up to on Madison Ave.

I expect this was the same hawk I saw about 20 minutes earlier, soaring over the Great Hill of Central Park and causing area blue jays to start jeering. That hawk floated eastward and the last I saw of it was over the Harlem Meer. One thing hawks can do is float a half mile in a minute.