11/28, Amsterdam Parakeets

Monk Parakeet Nest

As briefly mentioned a couple days ago, a monk parakeet nest has been sighted in Manhattan, apparently after a couple months of rumors of a possible nest in Riverside Park. Presumably they're emigrés from Brooklyn. Better yet, the newly found nest is right here in Bloomingdale Village. (Well, sort of on the edge of it. It depends on where you draw neighborhood boundaries.)

I passed by yesterday just after noon and found the nest but saw no activity. Today at 12:30, however, one of the new residents was doing a little housework, trimming twigs from the doorway to reduce the chances of getting poked when going in and out.

Given this particular nest's location, it's apparently going to house just the one couple. But all eyes are now peeled for their friends and relatives moving into the 'hood.

Posted 11/28/2006 01:10:00 PM by Robert

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