12/3, Last-Minute Sighting

Red-Tailed Hawk on West 66th St. Perch The Central Park hawks were not cooperative today. I entered the park at about 1:30 and it was almost 4:00 before I finally spotted a red-tail. In the interim, I'd spent 75 minutes wandering about the north looking for Tristan or Isolde, then 45 minutes in the Cedar Hill/Turtle Pond area looking for Palemale or Lola. No luck at all, and the only hawkarazzi around seemed to be a few folks idly chatting by the boat pond.

Tired of being on my feet for so long, I opted to wander toward the Columbus Circle subway rather than spend an hour at the Met. At 3:56, just as I reached the loop alongside the Tavern on the Green, a pale pair of wings were spotted circling about over Central Park West between 68th St. and 70th St. Field-glasses out. Yes, it's a hawk. Probably either "Junior" or "Charlotte" from the Central Park South nest, as I've never heard of Palemale or Lola being in this vicinity while the CPS duo have been reported hanging about not far away.

In any event, after a minute of circling, the hawk alit on a railing near the top of a building on the north side of 66th St. A minute later it flew south and disappeared, possibly perching somewhere at 64th St.

I wandered south along the loop road scanning roof tops and ledges but wasn't finding anything. Hmmm, no hawks perched on the construction cranes on that big pile going up at 62nd St. Looking back north, here's a suggestive shape on a TV antenna on the same building where I'd seen the hawk perch ten minutes ago. The map seems to indicate it's 47 West 66th, an ABC building.

A couple mediocre pictures later, it looks like the hawk is staying put on the antenna and I'm getting cold. Time to head out. Thanks to Junior or Charlotte, whoever it is, for saving the day from being a total bust.

Posted 12/03/2006 05:32:00 PM by Robert

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