2/28, Chilling on 110th St.

Didn't bother to bring my camera with me when I came to work today. Big mistake.

At 4:30 I stepped out to drop my taxes in the mail (nice refund coming -- I see a new camera lens in my future) and took advantage of the delightful weather to stroll over to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine to see if the red-tailed hawks were about. No one on the roof, no one on the nest. But from the 112th St. overlook of Morningside Park I swung my small field glasses (them I did remember) south, and there they were, Tristan and Isolde chilling out together on the railing atop the Cathedral Gardens, i.e., the Barnard College dorm and faculty housing at 352 West 110th St.

This marked only the second time I had seen the Cathedral couple together in the past six months, and the other time only lasted a minute or two. Today they remained in place for at least 25 minutes, Isolde calmly looking around the neighborhood and Tristan doing a lot of preening and scratching. They were still there at about 5:05 when I headed back to the office.

Tomorrow I'll remember my camera.

Posted 2/28/2007 05:30:00 PM by Robert

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