7/24, Dad on His Own

Tristan on Gabriel's Horn

Again no sign of the red-tail fledglings around the Cathedral of St. John or in Morningside Park, despite looking about for about an hour and a half. Their papa, Tristan, did show up to survey the family domain between 6:15 and 6:30 and was still keeping watch when I exited at 7:15.

Since the kids fledged from the cathedral nest, there has only been one occasion when I saw all three together, back on Sunday, July 8, and a couple other days when I spotted each one of them. Several times two were perched together, such as the days that two were hanging about on the Cathedral School roof and the day that two were playing "peck your sister" at the south end of the park. Now it seems that the chances of catching the fledglings together are getting dimmer, as various hawkwatchers are guessing that an immature red-tail recently seen in Central Park near West 82nd St. must be one of the cathedral kids and not Ziggy from CP South.

Update: A panorama that I shot while roaming about. Click on the image to go through to Flickr and see larger versions.

Harlem Panorama

Posted 7/24/2007 08:45:00 PM by Robert

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