May 1, 2008

4/30, Cathedral Countdown Continues

Visits to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine on Tuesday and Wednesday showed no evidence of a hatch at the red-tailed hawk nest. In fact, no hawk sightings were made at all.

Isolde is apparently hunkered down in the nest, and Norman is off wherever it is that he goes. It's not much like a year ago, when Tristan would during his "down time" perch on a near-by landmark in the early evening. At least we know from some pix taken by Lincoln on Sunday that Isolde is still up there.

Love Them Fishies

Meanwhile, all I've seen is a hostile Canada gander, hissing at dogs at the Morningside Park pond while he awaits goslings, and another visit from a great egret.

But for hawk baby news, check out Bruce's pix which reveal three nestlings (!) at the Riverside nest.

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