1/10: First Hawk of the Year

North Woods Juvie Red-Tail

Actually not the bird seen here. The above is the second hawk of the year and the pic was taken about 4:30 Sunday afternoon, 20 minutes before sunset.

Some 30-40 minutes earlier I had gotten a three-second look at a red-tail over in the Douglass Houses at Columbus and 104th St. But after 10 minutes of fruitless looking around to see where it flew off to, I continued over to Central Park's Great Hill.

This juvie red-tail was perched on the east side of the hill in the North Woods. It had an excellent view of the slope above the Huddlestone Arch and, if it cared to turned its head, of the hockey game at Lasker Rink. One suspects it was the same young hawk seen on the Great Hill two weeks ago and which may have been hanging about the area for over a month.

Around sunset it perked up and looked ready to move. Sliced, wiped its beak, stretched a little bit.

January 10

But then settled back down. There was plenty of ogling of the leaf-covered slope of the hill below. Probably casing the joint for future predation.

North Woods Juvie Red-Tail

Finally, just before 5:00 the youngster decided it was time to go to roost. It looked he was heading for a spot closer to Central Park North and with a better view of Harlem Meer.

Posted 1/11/2010 02:42:00 AM by Robert

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