8/21, Cathedral Kestrels

After a couple weeks of little hawk (and falcon) watching, I visited the cathedral area early Wednesday evening and again found three American kestrels lurking about the close.

A male and a female were perched together atop the Cathedral House.

Cathedral Kestrels 1 & 2


August 21

Thinking about leaving.

Cathedral Kestrels 1 & 2

Then the male darted off, landing atop the Synod House.

Cathedral Kestrel 1

With the female following, but stopping at the Diocesan House.

There must have been some territorial issues being debated. Twice the male did some calling, with one episode followed by a blue jay's response.

A bit later the female took off, flying across the lawn and across Amsterdam Ave., apparently heading for an antenna atop the Echo apartments at 112th St.

As I was about to make an exit, I spotted another female perched on an antenna at the other end of the Diocesan House, eating a bug, possibly a dragonfly. It was a quit snack.

Cathedral Kestrel 3

A few minutes later she too took off, heading for the water tower at the Cathedral Arms apartments on the corner of 110th St. The male was still atop the Synod House.

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