1/26, Inwood Hill Park

A two-hour walk on a cold day with only about four minutes of raptor sightings? Totally worth it.

A hike along the parkway from the GW Bridge up to Dyckman St. was fruitless, but on reaching Dyckman... bang. A red-tail perched in the tree above the house at Payson Playground on the south side of Inwood Hill Park. From the looks of it, the Inwood adult male.

Adult Red-Tailed Hawk (6277)

Adult Red-Tailed Hawk (6283)

After a walk along the Hudson shoreline in Dyckman Fields and starting along the trail around the hill... good god, something huge over the river. A bald eagle! It circled about a few times and then headed back north toward Riverdale.

Bald Eagle (6290)

The park ranger and the bird watchers down by the river must have gotten an eyeful.

Posted 1/26/2014 06:35:00 PM by Robert

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