2/26, Riverside and 116th

Riverside Hawk - 6166

A quick walk along the Riverside Park wall on Friday afternoon found one of the new Morningside hawks perched in a tree at about 105th St., a half mile south of the new nest. Although the hawk was doing a lot of looking around, it appears that its crop was full. It was simply checking out the area and taking mental notes while digesting a meal, and not inclined to go anywhere soon.

Riverside Hawk - 6162

Riverside Hawk - 6170

Riverside Hawk - 6175

Posted 2/26/2016 06:32:00 PM by Robert

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On 3/01/2016 5:47 PM , Andy3514 said...

Hi...I saw both hawks on Feb 29 around lunchtime. One was on a branch and later the second showed up and they circled for a bit. They went to the nest for a minute or so then commenced flying about and circling. One rested on the fence near the wall, startling a dog walker :-) Later they both flew out of sight. My feeling is at least one is young...may be his/her first nest...eyes still pale and the tendency to sit on fences is a youngster's habit. I was there about an hour. If you want to see some photos I will email them to you...Ann Feldman