7/15, St. John the Divine

Fledgling on a Lamp Post - 4040

Red-tail fledgling One revealed himself Monday evening by screeching for food and/or attention. I found him perched atop a lamp post on the middle walkway through the close on the south side of the cathedral.

But a few moments later, he (and I do mean "he" — the bird looks a bit smallish and so likely male) flew over to the pulpit in the center of the lawn.

Fledgling on a Pulpit - 4052

Where he stayed for quite a while, staring intently here and there, although mostly at things on the ground.

Fledgling on a Pulpit - 4055

If he hasn't made his first hunting attack yet, he's working himself up to it.

Fledgling on a Pulpit - 4067

Last view from over by the Peace Fountain.

Fledgling on a Pulpit - 4072
Posted 7/16/2019 01:15:00 AM by Robert

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