2/28, Chilling on the AC

Red-Tail at St. Luke's

Brick cold today, with temps in the mid-20s when I headed over to Morningside Drive just before 5:00 to see what the hawks might be up to.

FIrst hawk sighting was of the Cooper's at 5:12, perched in the same spot by the park's dog run where I last saw it on Wednesday. It had a nice full crop. Its perch was deep in a mess of small branches where it would be difficult to photograph even if wasn't in the pre-sunset shadows.

A few minutes later I discovered an adult red-tail perched on an eighth floor air conditioner on the east side of St. Luke's, probably the same AC where new guy briefly perched last night before going to roost. That would be the last hawk sighting of the day, as it stayed there until I left a half hour later, and no one else was seen in the area, either perched or in the air.

The AC hawk perched the entire time with its back to the street, making it almost impossible to determine which hawk it might be. The eyes looked dark, suggesting it would be Isolde, but that might also have just been the viewing angle.

Late note: Five minutes after I left, Bruce arrived in the area. He didn't notice a hawk in the high hospital window, but after a few minutes saw one exit the hospital area and fly to the north end of Morningside Park, then turn around and head back. He then found Isolde roosting in the usual mid-park location.

Late, late note: Donna observed two hawks perching on the hospital air conditioners before I reached the scene.

Posted 2/28/2008 07:53:00 PM by Robert

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