2/8, Two Hawks and a Turkey

One hawk immediately in sight when visiting Morningside Park late this afternoon. Someone is perched atop the tower at Wadleigh Secondary School on West 114th.

Red-Tail at Wadleigh Red-Tail at Wadleigh

Brown shoulders, so that's Isolde. She looks happy to sit there in the sun, so back into the park for me so see who else might be around. No one near the south end, so try around and past the dog run where maybe a Cooper's hawk was at last night.

And moments after I'd been thinking I hadn't seen Hedda the turkey in months, there she is by the upper drip.

Hedda Gobbler

Then across the path into the brushy area.

Hedda Gobbler

And after I've been watching Hedda for for seven or eight minutes, the Cooper's comes flying up and lands atop a near-by tree.

Cooper's Hawk in Morningside Park

He's busy looking around, perhaps even sizing up the turkey. "Hmmm, if I could take her down, that would be dinner for a month!"

Cooper's Hawk in Morningside Park

Ten minutes later it's 5:20 and the light in the area is going. Time to leave. The Cooper's is still on the same branch, but Hedda has apparently wandered down the stairs to the lower level of the park. A few minutes later, from the corner of 113th St., I see that Isolde is still perched atop Wadleigh. No sign of Tristan or the juvie red-tail today.

Posted 2/08/2008 06:50:00 PM by Robert

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