4/1, Brooding Begins

Cathedral Sky

James reported on Sunday that it looked like Isolde was tucked away in the cathedral nest brooding her eggs. Donna confirmed it by staking out the nest today and after an hour or two saw Isolde stand up and move around a bit. I stopped by the nest at the end of the afternoon and seemingly saw nothing, but a close look at pix revealed the tippy top of Isolde's head poking up above the sticks and twigs on the north side of the nest. Otherwise, I made no hawk sightings today.

The last time that Isolde was reported active outside the nest was Monday, Mar 24. Despite visiting the area three times over the next four days, I made hardly any hawk sightings and none that could be determined to be specifically her or her new mate. So... perhaps brooding began on Mar. 26, just like last year?

Meanwhile, NYC Audubon and the cathedral property management are communicating. Hopefully, they'll figure out a way to keep the workmen from disturbing Isolde.

Morningside Park is busy with other spring life. The number of robins started climbing a week or two ago, cardinals have been calling from the trees, and league softball games have started on the playing fields. Sparrows are twittering.

Morningside Sparrow

The black squirrel who I used to see across the street from the hawk nest has re-appeared.

Black Squirrel in Morningside Park

But somehow Hedda the turkey went unfound, the first time I hadn't seen her in a couple weeks.

Posted 4/01/2008 07:41:00 PM by Robert

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On 4/04/2008 6:17 PM , Robin said...

Donna said this is where I drop my idea for a name for "new guy."

For what it is worth, my submission is:


Since he bops around madly by all reports. "-)