May 16, 2009

5/16, Highbridge at Four Weeks

The trees are all leafed out now, so viewing the Highbridge Park red-tailed hawk nest from the usual vantage point is now all but impossible. It doesn't help that Parks have apparently decided to renovate the adjacent dog run, so a chain link fence has appeared and finding the vantage point is a trick in and of itself.

In any event, checking in on the nest approximately four weeks after hatch (or possibly a day or two less), about all I could see at first was...

Highbridge Red-Tail Nest

Martha was in the nest and it looked like a feeding was in progress. The two kids acted like ravenous wolves.

And with the kids being (almost) four weeks old, that means that they're now big enough that they'll be looking over the edge of the nest. I made my way down to a spot that I recalled from two years ago where one can stand on the park path and peer up at the nest and possibly see someone looking back.

Highbridge Red-Tail Nestling

Sure enough, one of the kids was in a curious mood. But after one more sideways look...

Highbridge Red-Tail Nestling

He and his sibling apparently settled down for a nap. After 15-20 minutes of no further activity, I made my exit.

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