May 9, 2009

5/9, Riverside Nestlings

I arrived at Riverside Park late Saturday afternoon, just late enough to miss the best viewing. Around 5:00 there had been a feeding of the three new red-tail nestlings, then mama and dad had briefly adjourned to another tree for their own meal. Just moments after my arrival, mama returned to the nest. After fussing with the position of a couple sticks, she settled down on one side of the nest to keep an eye on our alternately sleeping and squirming nestlings.

Mama Red-Tail and Nestlings

Papa stayed in a tree about 75 feet away for the next hour or so, mostly preening but sometimes squirrel-watching and sometimes ducking from attacks from a small bird.

May 9

Around 6:15 the kids in the nest were active for a bit, trying to get mom's attention.

Mama Red-Tail and Nestlings

Riverside Mama Hawk

Although she leaned in now and again, another feeding was not going to occur quite yet.

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