6/16, Riverside Falcon Fledge

One of the three Riverside Church baby falcons made its first flight on Tuesday about 6:15 in the evening, with raptor watcher James there to witness the event. Unfortunately, I didn't get there until about 7:00, by which time the new fledgling was staying put on the level of scaffolding about 30 feet below the level where the scrape is at.

Falcon Fledgling

Moments after I got there, one adult landed near the scrape with food. Soon after that the other alit on a pipe below the fledgling.

Falcon Parent

Some changing of positions took place on the lower level, with one adult in flight and the fledgling instead trotting about the scaffolding walkway. One parent got an earful from the fledgling (about the exciting first flight or just about food?).

Baby Falcon and Parent

That was followed by a few minutes of the adults flying about.

Falcon in Flight

Falcon in Flight

One circled about many times, was briefly joined by the other, and then one (presumably dad) disappeared whilst the other (mom?) hung around the vicinity to keep an eye on things.

Falcon in Flight

June 16

During the circling one adult made a pass by the scrape and alit for a half second by the two upstairs kids, who pretty much stayed put during the entire time I was there.

Falcon and Two Kids

As 8:00 approached, things were very quiet. The two kids by the scrape were still in their same spots, the fledgling had returned to the same corner location where I'd first seen it, and the mother was perched directly above where she could keep an eye on both locations.

Posted 6/16/2009 10:35:00 PM by Robert

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