6/8, Riverside Falcon

The Riverside Church peregrine scrape is so high up that it's just about impossible to tell if there are baby falcons up there. You almost have to wait until fledging time. As James had reported a falcon fledge from the Broadway Bridge over the weekend, I decided to check on Riverside on Monday evening. I found an adult perched on a scaffolding railing alongside the scrape site, where it stayed for the next 20 minutes, preening and enjoying the sun. Eventually it took off...

Riverside Peregrine

And circle around several times.

June 8

Before perching on an eave perhaps 50 feet from the scrape. Another 10 minutes later it took off again and after a few more circles returned to its perch by the scrape.

"White wash" on the ledge below the scrape site indicates that the location had been occupied this spring. But the adult was the only falcon that I saw in the course of about 45-50 minutes. Perhaps there's a nestling or two up there, but if so then they were taking a nap the entire time that I was watching.

Posted 6/10/2009 02:52:00 AM by Robert

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