4/13, Standing Around

Isolde on Her Nest

Egg-brooding at the red-tail nest at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine apparently started on or before March 17, which means that egg-hatching time has arrived. But because the nest is so high, and its bowl so deep, the only to tell if an agg has hatched will be altered behavior of mama Isolde and her mate, Norman.

It's possible that that sort of altered behavior has begun. Although all seemed quiet at the nest when I first checked in this evening, when I came back ten minutes later, I found Isolde standing on the north side of the nest, tail outward. She didn't seem particularly interested in anything inside her nest, as she spent the entire time looking around in just about every direction. What was different was that she spend somewhere between 25 and 30 minutes standing on that spot, rather than settling back into the nest.

Occasionally she did look down.

Isolde on Her Nest

But then just after 7:00 she jumped out of the nest and flew up Riverside Drive. Was she hungry and tired of waiting for Norman to deliver a meal?

Posted 4/13/2010 10:32:00 PM by Robert

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