April 1, 2013

3/31, Building a Nest on Central Park West

Sunday was yet another gray day, with sporadic rain to boot. But the new red-tailed hawks building a nest at Central Park West and 92nd St. were at work.

First sighting was a hawk in a tree by the park loop road at 98th St.

CPW Hawk

Who soon took off, perhaps coaxed by the area blue jays, soared and circled about several times and then disappeared over the rooftops around 96th St.

But then plenty of action around the nest on the apartment half ledge. A hawk flew in, checked out the scene.

CPW Hawk

Took off.

CPW Hawk

In and out of the nest a couple times. Both times carrying sticks.

CPW Hawk

And then after 20 minutes or so, with a couple dog-walkers rushing about trying to figure out what the hawks were up to, all quiet.

But wait. One cannot leave Central Park without the obligatory sighting of a juvenile red-tail in the North Woods.

North Woods Juvie RT,/p>

Thanks to the small bird with a call like a police whistle for that final sighting.

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