7/2, Grant's Tomb

Grant's Tomb Rescue

Late Thursday evening, I received a second-hand report of a baby hawk grounded near Grant's Tomb, on Riverside Drive at 122nd St. There'd been rumors about a possible red-tail nest in that area a couple months ago, but I'd heard nothing in quite a while. And with the falcons resident at Riverside Church just across the street, I'd always thought that was a terrible place for hawks.


It turns out there was indeed a red-tailed hawk fledgling at Grant's Tomb, with the nest being in a light or communications tower close to the memorial. Likely the young bird had fledged Thursday, had a rough landing, and was not able to get back up into a tree. Wildlife rehabbers will be checking him over on Friday, and if he proves healthy, he should be returned to his parents in a day or three.

Posted 7/03/2015 02:42:00 AM by Robert

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On 7/03/2015 9:48 AM , Akira Kurosawa said...

nice work...so is he the only baby there?

On 7/03/2015 4:45 PM , Robert said...

Looks like he's the only one. No sign of another baby in the nest nor of either parent in the area on Friday afternoon.