7/2, St. John the Divine

A visit to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine early Thursday eve gave good looks at one nestling in the hawk nest. The young bird looks so big that a couple of us thought it could be two weeks old. That would match better (although not perfectly) with when I thought the second clutch of eggs were laid back in May.

In any event, the one nestling visible was lying high along the south side of the nest when I first arrived, but soon poked its head up and looked around.

Cathedral Hawk Nestling - 3921

Cathedral Hawk Nestling - 3929

Mama Madeleine, who had been lurking over on the hospital roof, flew up not long later, perching near the nest.

Mama on the Roof - 3957

Soon enough she was down in the nest. She fussed about a bit but five minutes later, a feeding began.

Feeding Time - 3984

After a few minutes Madeleine shifted to another position across the nest. She continued to feed the one nestling I could see but it's possible she was also feeding another, smaller one.

Feeding Time - 4052

Eventually the child(ren) was fed and laid down for a nap. Madeleine had some morsels herself, and showed no inclination to leave right away.

Madeleine in Her Nest - 4094

Some nicer pictures and video of the scene can be seen on the Urban Hawks blog.

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