4/13, Grant's Tomb

It's time for baby red-tailed hawks to start hatching at the various (and numerous) nests in Manhattan, so on Wednesday, I checked on the two nests along Riverside Drive in Morningside Heights. At Grant's Tomb, we don't really know when eggs might have been laid, so first hatch there might already have happened or it might not occur until next week. But it doesn't look like it's happened, as there was no feeding activity while I watched.

What I did see was the female easing her boredom a bit. Not long after I arrived in the area, she got up and stretched.

Grant's Tomb Hawk Nest - 6917

After which she perched in the nest for a while she looked around. Down.

Grant's Tomb Hawk - 6943

And up.

Grant's Tomb Hawk - 6944

Down again. She seemed interested in the dogwalkers, and also in the late rush hour traffic headiing north on Riverside.

Grant's Tomb Hawk - 6951

And give the photographer the feathery eye.

Grant's Tomb Hawk - 6964

And at about 7:00 it was time to turn around and settle back into the nest.

Grant's Tomb Hawk - 6994

Six blocks south, the head of the 116th St. female was visible in her nest, but again, no obvious sign of a hatch.

Posted 4/13/2016 09:57:00 PM by Robert

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