4/9, J. Hood Wright Park

Saturday afternoon I checked on a few of the uptown hawk nesting sites, but only at J. Hood Wright Park did I find hawks at home. Happily, even as I was walking down Fort Washington Ave towards the nest, I found the mama hawk was inside looking back.

JHW Hawk Nest - 6846

JHW Hawk Nest - 6848

Although a switch-off on this nest was reported almost a month ago, it seems there has been no hatch yet. As I watched the nest for close to an hour, the female did not get up to do a feeding. In fact, she only got up once, and that just to shift position and perhaps do a quick rotation of the eggs.

As sunset approached, the male hawk quietly appeared. Taking a break from watching the nest, I turned around to find he was perched in a tree near the center of the park.

JHW Hawk - 6891

He, too, seemed content to stay where he was. He made no move towards the nest, but just remained atop the tree, scanning the skies and occasionally staring hard at the George Washington Bridge, perhaps watching one of the peregrines who nest there.

Posted 4/09/2016 09:42:00 PM by Robert

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