1/11, Riverside Park in the 110s

Taking a break from work with a late afternoon stroll along Riverside Drive, I found the "neighborhood hawk" perched little more than a block from the office. This would be the male adult red-tailed hawk who's been so easy to spot in the 110s of Riverside the past few weeks.

Riverside Red-Tail - 1022

Hunting was in progress.

Riverside Red-Tail - 1024
Riverside Red-Tail - 1026

Perhaps five minutes later the bird was in the air. Stopping at 110th St., he looked around for a moment or two.

Riverside Red-Tail - 1030

Then away and further south, apparently making a U-turn as he was next found deeper down in the park at about 109th St. Much later, not long after sunset, he was perched very close to the park wall at 114th St. before flying off to, apparently, go to roost.

Posted 1/11/2017 10:55:00 PM by Robert

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