1/6, Riverside Park in the 110s

A pass along the Riverside Park wall near the office at lunch time on Friday found an adult red-tailed hawk also out looking for a meal. When first spotted, it was landing in the top of a tree at 112th St.

Riverside Red-Tail - 0987

This could be the adult male whom I encountered last week a few blocks up the road. If not, it may be his mate. With temperatures having dropped the last couple days and birds fluffing up to stay warm, it's more difficult to use size as a guesstimate of gender.

Riverside Red-Tail - 0986

Within a couple minutes, the hawk swooped south, perhaps going for a squirrel along the park wall. But when re-found, it was perched sans prey at 110th St.

Riverside Red-Tail - 0988

But busy looking around for food.

Riverside Red-Tail - 1002

Riverside Red-Tail - 0997

Riverside Red-Tail - 0998

Posted 1/06/2017 02:40:00 PM by Robert

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On 1/06/2017 3:24 PM , Jeff K said...

This one has more dark chest feathers than the other one, so it may be the mate.

On 1/06/2017 4:07 PM , Robert said...

Jeff, I also encountered a red-tail at 112th St on Thursday, but was without a good camera. Despite the cold-weather fluff-up, that one struck me as looking large and likely female.