March 14, 2017

3/14, Riverside's Most Eligible

Riverside Hawk - 1489

Even as nesting season gets into full swing at Manhattan's red-tail hawk nests (four mamas brooding eggs at last report), there are also adult hawks out there who are not yet attached. Riverside Park between 110th and 115th St. has been the haunt of an eligible bachelor since at least Christmas, and only within the last week has there been a hint that he may have found a mate.

Tuesday after the snow quit falling, and just before sunset, I encountered him at 115th St. He was apparently hunting and caught something small just as I found him. By the time I caught up to where he was eating, the snack had been consumed.

Riverside Hawk - 1491
Riverside Hawk - 1494

After looking around for a few minutes, he flew north a bit and perched above the 116th St. sled hill. There he remained until sunset. If he had found a mate, as was suggested by one neighborhood birdwatcher over the weekend, then the new female was not around. However, there was a juvie red-tail seen in the area late last week, so maybe the second bird was an under-aged hawk.

Riverside Hawk - 1512

At sunset, he was off to what seems to have been the night's roost, overlooking Riverside Drive.

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