March 22, 2017

3/22, Still Eligible

Riverside Hawk - 1756

The adult male red-tailed hawk who has made Riverside Park in the low 110s his home still seems to be living the bachelor life. He has been spotted numerous times over the past week, but always by himself. The only other red-tail reported spending any time in his area was a juvenile seen on the edge of the park at 114th St. on Monday.

Early Wednesday evening last week, after the blizzard, the bachelor was lurking at 113th St.

Riverside Hawk - 1552

While on Friday at the same time he was found a block and a half up the street.

Riverside Red-Tail - 1576
Riverside Red-Tail - 1579

Today he was discovered up just above 116th St, not far from last year's nest (which apparently was not his).

Riverside Hawk - 1755
Riverside Hawk - 1765

Shortly later he flew south and picked a perch overlooking Riverside's 115th St. stairs.

Riverside Hawk - 1769

Where he stayed put as sunset approached.

Sunset Hawk - 1782

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