4/3, St. John the Divine

Gabriel & Hawk - 1876

It's a few days short of four weeks since we observed behavior suggesting that the female red-tailed hawk at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine could be brooding an egg. So hatch watch is commencing. It's possible that we could see first feeding behavior come the weekend, although middle next week seems more likely.

The same story holds at the Grant's Tomb nest, where first brooding behavior was observed about the same time.

One note of caution: The current cathedral nest is much more exposed than the nest of 2006-2014, so one has to worry a bit that the nasty weather of the past couple weeks (the snow storm two weeks ago, but especially last Friday's deluge) might reduce the likelihood of success. By success, I mean a trio of three baby hawks, as the cathedral site has enjoyed so many times.

Meanwhile, no one has reported running into the lonesome bachelor hawk of Riverside in the 110s in close to two weeks. Perhaps he has decided it was time to move on and look for love in some other place.

Posted 4/04/2017 12:37:00 AM by Robert

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