4/28, Grant's Tomb

GT Hawk Nest - 2775

First sighting of a baby red-tailed hawk in the Grant's Tomb nest was apparently made this past Wednesday evening. On Friday evening, two nestlings were definitely spotted up there.

About 6:30, Mrs. Grant was finishing up a feeding. She remained perched on the side of the nest as I wandered around looking for better camera angles.

GT Hawk Nest - 2800

Finally I settled on a spot a block away but from which a minimum of tree branches and leaves block the view.

At 6:50, there was some activity in the nest. Even from a distance of 200 feet, I could tell without a long lens that there was someone small moving about just to the side of her. But a closer look at photos revealed there was a second fuzzy baby hawk head directly in front of Mrs. Grant.

GT Hawk Nest - 2812

Things quieted down again, but 15 minutes later, the babies were moving about again.

GT Hawk Nest - 2822

And it would seem that the babies are big enough, you can even catch a glimpse of a flapping baby wing as they move about.

GT Hawk Nest - 2825
Posted 4/28/2017 09:02:00 PM by Robert

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