5/1, Around the Heights

Mrs Grant - 2876

On the first of May, the story at the two red-tailed hawk nests in Morningside Heights is quite different.

At Grant's Tomb, eggs have hatched and the two nestlings are roughly two weeks old. Old enough that on a nice evening, mama is willing to leave them snoozing on their own in the nest while she perches across the street.

Mrs Grant - 2881
Mrs Grant - 2890

Over at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, however, it appears that the hawks had an early nest failure and have "re-clutched". There the mama has been visible but barely so, her head poking up just a few inches above the nest as she broods a second clutch of eggs.

Cathedral Hawk Nest - 2906

If things do go well for the cathedral nest on the re-try, it looks to be about another two weeks before we see signs of a hatch. So call it May 15.

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