5/4, Grant's Tomb

The General - 3019

The trees around the Grant's Tomb red-tailed hawk nest have leafed out, making it more difficult to watch the nest. Glimpses can be had of the nestlings, but until they get a bit bigger, glimpses may be all there is to see.

On a gloomy Thursday evening, the nestlings weren't to be seen at all, nor was mama in obvious sight. But around on the south side of the tomb, papa had apparently nailed a mouse or small rat. "The General" was eating dinner in one of the trees along the walkway leading to the tomb.

The General - 3033

He also seemed a bit nervous, frequently looking around, and especially up and to the east. Perhaps he was concerned one of the Riverside Church falcons might put in an appearance.

The General - 3037
The General - 3041
The General - 3042
The General - 3051

Perhaps the meal had not been enough, as he also scanned the surround ground.

The General - 3063
The General - 3068
The General - 3080

After perhaps 30 minutes he moved to another tree closer to the tomb. Scanned the ground there.

The General - 3087
The General - 3093

Then to a tree closer to the church, and as the light faded, he flew around the tomb to check on the nest.

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