4/20, Grant's Tomb

Grant's Tomb Hawk & Nest - 2226

It's likely to be a few more days before baby hawk(s) are big enough and strong enough for ground-bound watchers to spot them, but circumstantial evidence piles up that egg(s) have hatched at the Grant's Tomb red-tail nest. Neighborhood birdwatchers have reported multiple occasions of watching feeding behavior this week.

Thursday evening I found the nest apparently empty. Apparently Mrs Grant was out getting some exercise and perhaps removing some inedible trash, as another watcher reported she had been there minutes earlier. She returned minutes after I arrived. She perched on the railings above the nest, preening and looking around and occasionally peering down into the nest.

Grant's Tomb Hawk & Nest - 2242

After 15 minutes of that, she hopped down and settled into the nest to keep the baby or babies warm.

Posted 4/21/2017 01:06:00 AM by Robert

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