4/12, Grant's Tomb

Riverside Hawk - 2006

It seems that the Grant's Tomb red-tailed hawks have opted to nest elsewhere this year. Despite report of a pair of hawks in the area early this year, the old nests in the light towers are going unused, and we haven't heard that they might be nesting somewhere else near-by.

But that doesn't mean that there are no hawks around. Apparently sightings are occasionally made north of the tomb, and early Friday evening there was a red-tail perched just across the road from the tomb. However, it was a year-old "brown tail".

Riverside Hawk - 2001

I considered whether it might be the same year-old bird I encountered almost two weeks ago at 109th St., but finally decided that there were some coloring differences that argued otherwise.

Riverside Hawk - 2013

Apparently he had eaten somewhat recently. His crop bulged just a bit and he showed no signs of hunting behavior. Instead he was looking about as if making sure no one was sneaking up him. There was a blue jay hanging about, but perhaps he was also aware of the peregrine falcons who live just a block away.

Riverside Hawk - 2031
Riverside Hawk - 2023
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