5/3, St. John the Divine

Hawk and Angel - 2070

The red-tailed hawk nest at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine has entered its hatch window, as first sign that the female might be brooding egg(s) came at the end of March. But three visits during this past week — Tuesday, Thursday and Friday — gave no suggestion that a hatch has yet occurred.

During two visits, the male was around, perching atop the cathedral roof on Gabriel's horn.

At the start of Thursday's visit was the only glimpse of the female moving about. Perhaps I caught her at the end of egg rolling. Otherwise, all that could be seen of her, provided you could find a vantage point, was her head just poking up.

Hawk in Nest - 2085

Update on May 4: The Urban Hawks blog reported on Saturday that the St. John's hawks were behaving like there had been a hatch.

Posted 5/04/2019 12:37:00 AM by Robert

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