5/17, St. John the Divine

Cathedral Hawk Nestling - 2398

A visit to the cathedral red-tailed hawk nest early Friday evening immediately found evidence that there must be a baby hawk or two in the nest. Streaks of whitewash were visible on the surrounding stonework that were not there a week ago.

The mother was visible in the nest when I first arrived but took off while I dodged traffic on Morningside Drive. I trotted back and forth between a couple vantage points that might give a view if anyone was in the nest, and a half hour later spotted something white and fuzzy moving about behind a sprig of greenery. And then a baby hawk head popped up.

The nestling was only visible for a minute or two before it returned to its nap. The mother was spotted again shortly later, flying south over Manhattan Valley. No sign of papa.

Posted 5/17/2019 08:42:00 PM by Robert

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