September 16, 2007

9/15, Almost Autumn


Just a touch chilly in the early evening on Saturday, and many folks could be spotted in jackets or sweaters. Climatic autumn began two weeks ago, and astronomical autumn starts at the end of the coming week.

After looking for a birthday gift in the 80s on the UWS, I headed over to Central Park to see if Pale Male or Lola was in one their usual haunts. Just before 7:00, Lola was perched in her favorite spot, keeping an eye on things. I have to wonder when the last time it was that she went to roost somewhere different.

I bumped into Bruce also watching Lola, but after an afternoon of taking pictures of migrants and other birds in the park. Then a few minutes later I met Lincoln over by the Turtle Pond. Many small birds were to be seen flying overhead, although it seemed all were headed north. But Pale Male was not in any of usual spots about the area. The sun was setting and hawkwatching quickly ended.

Flag and Cresent Moon

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