9/29, Fly-By

Not much to report lately. A couple visits to Morningside Park and Central Park's North Woods in the past couple weeks have not resulted in any hawk sightings. Tristan and Isolde are around, however, as Jim caught both members of the Cathedral couple hunting near their nest last Saturday morning (it's the fourth picture down).

Beresford Apartments

Today I had an hour to spend in Central Park just before sunset. I'd hoped to catch Pale Male at the Turtle Pond tree, but Lincoln had the spot staked out and hadn't seen His Paleness. And neither was Lola perched at the Beresford, at 6:00 or when I looked that way again at 6:30 (the above pic).

After scoping out various likely spots, I did finally make a hawk sighting at 6:45. For nearly a minute, a hawk circled about over Central Park West between 69th and 72nd St. Pix didn't turn out well because of distance and lighting. It's hard to tell who it might have been, but one pic suggested at an adult's red tail and another at a lighter breast, so I'd guess, given the location, that it was Pale Male Jr. He headed south and I lost him behind some trees.

Tomorrow is the annual (?) falconry show.

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