3/13, A Twilight Quickie

First Morningside hawk sighting today was the Cooper's hawk zipping past the cathedral apse at about 5:30 and ducking into the close on the south side. No luck figuring out where it went, but 20 minutes later, a blue jay was complaining just inside Morningside Park across the street. While I was angling around to see what had the jay's attention, a red-tail appeared from the south and started circling about overhead.

Red-Tail over Morningside

It disappeared behind the trees to the east and I thought it might be heading over toward Wadleigh School, but it reappeared after a minute or two to the north. A close look at pix reveals that it was the new male.

Red-Tail over Morningside

As he circled he drifted west until he disappeared somewhere in the general area of Amsterdam and 116th St. A moment later I looked up at the cathedral roof to espy a hawk perched on Gabriel's horn. And there's Isolde.

She quickly took off north and a few minutes later I found her perched atop the East Campus building, a tall Columbia U. dormitory on Morningside Drive between 116th and 117th.

Red-Tail on Morningside Drive

She stayed there for ten minutes and then flew back south, where she alit on the tall chimney in the NW section of St. Luke's hospital.

Red-Tail atop St. Luke's

And there she stayed for quite awhile. I was about ready to leave when James walked up around 6:40, and related some of his sightings since two days ago.

As 7:00 approached, Isolde took to the air, circled about over and to the south of the cathedral. I briefly lost track of her, but then a hawk flew into the nest, followed a moment later by another carrying food. The pair stayed in there for a couple minutes before, in sequence, both took off and disappeared around the north side of the hospital.

A few minutes later isolde re-appeared and landed on the hospital roof. A moment later the new male also arrived and they copulated in the twilight.

Red-Tails Mating

The male then flew over to the nest. Isolde then flew down into the park, apparently going to roost in the south end. A minute later the male popped back out of the nest and poof was gone.

Posted 3/13/2008 09:20:00 PM by Robert

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