3/2, Whole Lotta Perching Going On

Red-Tail on Elevator Pulley

The red-tailed hawks on Morningside engaged in domestic activities on Saturday, including visits to the nest and an episode of mating. See Bruce and Jim's reports for more. Sunday while I saw two red-tails at or near the cathedral, they were never very close to each other. Mostly they were just sitting around, watching the world go by and perhaps digesting mid-afternoon meals.

3:36 - First hawk sighting of day. From west end of Central Park's Pool, near CPW and 103rd St., I can see a red-tail in the air over toward the Loch.

3:37 - Another glimpse of the red-tail further south, over edge of North Meadow. Maybe it's the juvie that James saw late yesterday.

3:44 - Now in Wildflower Meadow area. No more signs of hawk. Instead, it's all cardinal girls, and almost nothing but. Easily a half dozen female cardinals in the area chirping for masculine attention, but just one male that I can see.

Cardinal Girl

4:00 - In North Woods near Blockhouse #1, squirrel whining noises suggests a hawk in the area. However, it could also have been distant seagull mewing. Also, some of the North Woods' more unsavory element seem to be out and about today, despite the one unmarked police car parked on the loop road.

4:10 - Enter Morningside Park at SE entrance.

4:13 - Walking up east side of Morningside ball fields, realize there is hawk circling low over roofs near Manhattan Ave. and 113th St. Possibly a set-to with some pigeons, or maybe a gull. After several circles, hawk disappears east, possibly toward Wadleigh School.

4:15 - Two bursts of pigeons around rooftops at Manhattan Ave. and 114th, but no sign of hawk. Take picture of non-pigeon looking bird landing on TV antenna.

Kestrel and Prey

Yep, it's a kestrel, and pix also reveal he's got a mouse for dinner.

And now that I've reached 114th St., indeed there's a red-tail atop Wadleigh School.

Red-Tail atop Wadleigh

Not really sure who that is, but the belly band doesn't seem heavy enough for the new male. So probably Isolde.

4:27 - Hawk exits school spire.

4:28 - Hedda the wild turkey is foraging in Morningside near the water fountain.

Hedda Gobbler

There are also several ducks out on the lawn checking out some bread, plus a feral cat. Cat seems interested in ducks and not turkey.

4:38 - There is again a hawk atop Wadleigh School. Good place to get some sun at this time of day.

4:41 - And another red-tail is now atop apartments at 301 West 110th St.

4:49 - Hawk at 301 dives and flies my way.

Red-Tail over Morningside Park

Passes by cathedral and disappears over hospital roof.

5:06 - This is getting boring. Hawk on Wadleigh hasn;t budged. No sign of the other -- there has got to be a perch atop the hospital where they hide.

5:11 - Hawk on Wadleigh is gone...

5:12 - but I realize that the TV antenna atop 300 West 110 looks bigger than usual. Within seconds, the red-tail exits and flies south.

Red-Tail Exit

5:13 - Hawk appears over hospital roof and pops into nest.

Isolde in Her Nest

Based on the shoulders and deep dark eyes, that looks like Isolde.

5:14 - Just under a minute and already she exits the nest, disappearing into close on south side of cathedral.

5:20 - No hawks in sight. Let's check the close.

5:27 - A peacock is showing off. Well, not really. It's eating leaves off a bush.

Cathedral Peacock

5:30 - Some nice light on the clerestory statues, e.g., Saint James the Less and Saint Philip.

Cathedral Statuary at Sunset

5:31 - And a red-tail on the other side of the close, perched where I had long expected to see one but hadn't until now... the top of the AvalonBay apartments. Specifically the construction elevator.

Red-Tail on Elevator Pulley

Admittedly I'm a distance down, but looking at pix suggests to me that it has light eyes, and is presumably the new male in town. Belly band also looks a bit heavy.

5:38 - Head back around to other side of cathedral.

5:43 - Drat. Hawk has disappeared from elevator pulley.

5:47 - Oh, but now there's one on the finial above the nest.

Roosting time about to start. Let's check on Coopie and then head up to red-tail roosting spot in mid-park.

5:48 - Something big just flew up into a tree along Morningside Ave., really big.

Turkey Roost

Indeed, it's the turkey going to roost.

5:49 - And yes the Cooper's hawk is in its usual spot.

6:00 - No red-tail going to roost where I expected, but a gorgeous sunset.

ESB at Sunset

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On 3/03/2008 2:27 PM , Yojimbot said...

great post...thanks for posting about the kestrel. did he eat the mouse or fly off with it?