3/6, Hawk and Heron

Last Sunday's hawkwatching led to a head cold, so I skipped visiting Morningside for a few days. Today's walk over there was quickly met by the sight of a red-tailed hawk exiting the nest area and flying north. It apparently circled around a couple times to gain some altitude and then flew back to perch atop the hospital.

Hawk on Hospital

That was at 4:50, and the hawk -- looks like Isolde -- was still in that spot when I left 40 minutes later.

In the meantime, I wandered down into Morningside Park to check whether the Cooper's hawk or another red-tail as about. Despite interesting robin chirps near the water fountain, the answer seems to have been no. But while checking out the mallards at the pond, I belatedly realized there was a great blue heron also there.

Heron in Morningside Park

It was enjoying great success, catching five goldfish during the ten minutes that I watched.

Heron in Morningside Park

Otherwise, the goose count was up to four. A couple seemed to be checking out the island like it might be a good place to lay eggs.

Posted 3/06/2008 08:24:00 PM by Robert

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