7/3, Cathedral Fledge Doing Well

Hawk rehabilitator Bobby Horvath reports that the lead-poisoned female red-tail fledgling from the Cathedral of St. John seems to be doing well, although her lame right foot remains problematic. He wrote this afternoon that, "The Cathedral bird is strong, eats well and at times stands on the bad foot 'normally' but it is infrequent."

Bobby has also been charged with the several Houston St. red-tailed hawks who have had so much trouble. The father and the one of the fledglings have died of frounce; another fledgling in his care is hanging in there but remains touch and go. The eldest Houston fledgling was released last week in Astoria Park before the symptoms appeared but is now showing symptoms, too. Hawkwatchers are trying to re-capture it so that it may be treated. Although the hawks in rehab are kept apart, the Cathedral fledgling is receiving frounce medication "to be on the safe side".

Meanwhile, the most recent sighting I've seen reported of the other Cathedral red-tail fledgling was on Sunday. James saw it then in the trees along the 110th St. edge of Central Park.

Posted 7/03/2008 04:02:00 PM by Robert

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