6/27, A Quiet Hour's Walk

WIth the healthy cathedral red-tailed hawk fledgling having made its way over to Central Park last Wednesday, hawkwatching in the Morningside area suddenly got a whole lot harder. Much more territory to cover, and no idea where to start unless you catch a glimpse of one the parents flying by.

An hour's walk on Friday in Morningside Park and the North Woods-Great Hill corner of Central Park did not reveal the hawkling. All that was notable was a great egret visiting the Morningside Park pond.

Striding Egret

Fishing as intently as egrets always do.


The pond's Canada goslings are beginning to look like teenagers: close to full-size but looking like they were just woken up from a nap. But I'll have to keep a close eye on them, as it seemed that their first long wing feathers were coming in oddly, like a couple of the 2006 goslings and at least one of which never was able to fly.

Posted 7/01/2008 08:45:00 PM by Robert

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