7/14, No Sign of Hawks

Long walks in Morningside Park and the north end of Central Park last Wednesday and today again revealed no sign of the Morningside red-tailed hawks, neither the healthy fledgling or the parents. It's been almost three weeks now since the fledge headed over to Central Park.

At the start of today's stroll, I thought I might have spotted one of them, as there was a very healthy sized bird perched above the entrance to the Synod House on the cathedral grounds. But alas, a closer approach revealed that it was a crow guarding the corner of Amsterdam and 110th.

Cathedral Crow

Meanwhile, latest word is that injured cathedral red-tail fledgling is making slow progress. Although she is a healthy eater, the lame foot remains a problem and she may remain with the rehabilitator for a while.

It turns out that two kestrel fledglings from near by are also spending some time with the rehabilitator. Both were found near the corner of St. Nick and 111th St. One had a serious case of frounce, but at last word seems to be getting better.

Posted 7/14/2008 09:55:00 PM by Robert

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