3/8, Prepping the Cathedral Nest

Isolde Prepping Her Nest

Third-hand reports from the Morningside Drive locals related that hawk romance in the treetops and nesting activity at the Cathedral of St. John of the Divine had begun in late February. After several times seeing a hawk quietly perched at St. Luke's hospital in the past 10 days, I finally caught Isolde in her nest late Monday afternoon.

I arrived about 5:25 and immediately saw some motion and a flash of light color up in the nest. All seemed quiet for the next 15-20 minutes, but there was definitely something sticking up on the north side of the nest structure that hadn't been there on Saturday. It looked like it could be tail feathers, but the lack of motion suggested maybe it was just a nice piece of bark. But then whatever it was was gone. Instead there was a hawk head poking up just high enough that we could see each other. Isolde!

Isolde Prepping Her Nest

Isolde then started fussing about more actively, arranging things in the nest bowl. She was busy past sunset and up to almost 6:00. She might have still been up there when I left about 6:10, but by that point it was too dark to see anything in the shadows.

Posted 3/08/2010 07:30:00 PM by Robert

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