3/9, Sunset Dinner

Norman Dines

Hawkwatching at the cathedral Tuesday after 5:00 looked to be quiet, although James reported that there had been some activity in the nest alcove a half hour before I arrived. But around 5:50, Norman suddenly appeared, apparently checked on the nest, flew across the street to a rooftop ledge at St. Luke's, and then moved onto a finial on the roof of 44 Morningside Drive. He was carrying a good-sized rat, and he spent the next 15 minutes gobbling down all of it down.

Norman Dines

After scanning the ledge below to make sure he hadn't dropped anything edible and then a few beak wipes, Norman took off back toward the cathedral at 6:10. He may have a roosting spot somewhere around the Close.

Ed note: Another hawkwatcher who was in the area reported that while James and I watched Norman consume the rat, Isolde snuck into the nest and fussed around a bit.

Posted 3/09/2010 09:24:00 PM by Robert

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