3/13, A Coopie, and Isolde Thinks About It

There was no activity at the cathedral red-tailed hawk nest when I first checked on it early this evening, but as I strolled past the pond in nearby Morningside Park, I was startled when a small hawk flew overhead.

Coopie in Morningside Park

A Cooper's hawk. Perhaps the same hawk that James watched being chased by peregrines in Manhattanville on Sunday.

Coopie in Morningside Park

The Coopie perched in a tree above the Morningside pond for 5-10 minutes and then moved north to a higher spot over the dog run. There it nervously preened, alternating between a stroke at its feathers and then a look around the skies. Apparently it knew it was in someone else's territory.

Well, one can only watch a bird preen for so long. It was time to leave, but i checked on the cathedral nest on the way out. Hmmm... that deeply shaded alcove seems just a slight bit paler than it ought to be.

Isolde in Her Nest


She remained perched up there for the next 15 minutes until I gave up because of darkness. (The above photo was shot at 1600 ISO and then highlights brought out using Photoshop.) Sometimes she was a bit hunched over the interior of the nest; sometimes she was looking around at the the skies and rooftops. It reminded me much of when I saw her up there mid-March last year, pondering things and just a few days away from egg-laying.

Posted 3/13/2012 09:18:00 PM by Robert

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